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Meetings with Elders and Officials of Gbehlay

President  Helen Teah- Saylee’s Message



I wish to extend our heartfelt thanks and    appreciation first and foremost to the    Almighty, my husband and the rest of my    family and the entire citizens of Gbehlay for  granting us the opportunity to administer the affairs of this association.

I am also mindful of God our Creator who    has made you all to favor me and chosen me  to lead our organization. Indeed our God is    great. I, therefore, ask you to pray along with me so that God will give me wisdom to lead this great organization and its people.

The work of our association is the responsibility and burden for all of us to carry because we the sons and daughters hailing    from Gbehlay have our individual and collective roles to play in shaping the process of development in our District. Be  that as it may, we have elected to speak to    you on the topic: The role of foreign based Gbehlay citizens’ in the Development process of Gbehlay County District in Nimba County,Liberia, on the  theme: promoting teamwork for success.

I want us remember those whose shoulders we stand on, the opportunity to live here in the United States and all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Let everyone of us who are from Gbehlay and residing in America think about the living conditions of our people back home; they do not have roads, clinics, and better school buildings in our district; the needs of our people are enormous; the way to lessen the burdens off the shoulders of our people is to     help provide needed resources for development. Therefore the need to give back is urgent than ever before. During my visit to Liberia in March to April, 2013, I had the opportunity to meet with our district leaders and citizens.  They    pleaded with us to provide them with chairs for their schools,construction of city hall, and medical equipment for their medical facilities.On the left panel are the    pictures taken with our leaders and elders during my meeting with them in Karnplay. 
That is why, fellow citizens and friends of Gbehlay, I am gratified to be elected at the top of one of the powerful citizen-organizations of our district/country. I believe strongly that one of the most common objectives of our association is, to paint a good picture of our district/country,Liberia, and look for means of    helping our people home to improve their livelihood.

All of you will agree with me that there is a high expectation of our fellow citizens of Gbehlay. These people rely on us to bring them meaningful development.

Let me say here that though you may not be in the main line of leadership right now, but we still rely on you to offer us candid advices that will help us bring development to our people. We will be ringing     your phones or doorbells when we need those advices and also,please do not hesitate to call our lines or visit us when you have to.

In this connection, I am pleased to report that our administration has successfully accomplished the following goals for the smooth operation of our association:  Our website, Logo which is thepicture of Guenn, our stationary (letterhead     and envelope), and our office space and of course our By-Laws     and Constitution.

The Vision

We want to urge you to unite for the purpose of giving back to our District and making a difference in the lives of our people and community. Teamwork is the sure way to achieving our development goals.

Our Administration has decided as a matter of priority to undertake the following development projects in the District:

1.  Incorporate the Organization as a 501 (3) ( c )
2.  The construction of modern Health Center;
3.  The construction of state of the art City Hall,
4.  Reconciliation and/or  promotion of UNITY among Gbehlay Citizens

The above projects may seem to be big dreams, but they are not,with our determination and support  n line with the principle ofteam work, we can achieve them in the shortest possible time.

My fellow citizens of Gbehlay County District, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is about time for us to turn a new leaf in the history of this organization by building on the gains of our predecessors, especially Mr. Anthony B. Poden, the immediate past President and the Elders and founding fathers of this unique organization for a job well done.

We look forward to your cooperation and participation in the work of our Organization. Remember all of us have a shared commitment to our people.

1 August 2013

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Helen Meets with community people under Gwenn tree

Gbehlay Development Association

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Meetings with Elders and Officials of Gbehlay

Meetings with Elders and Officials of Gbehlay

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