Gbehlay Development Association

 The President meeting her women where they are.
The City Mayor is participating in the discussion.

We came to this office faced with enormous challenges, opportunities and prospects. Given the    enormity of our task, we have selected to address you on the topic: The Role of GDA in meeting  The Challenges of Development in Gbehlay  County District, Nimba County, Liberia.  We, the sons and daughters of Gbehlay County District in Nimba County Liberia, have a responsibility to identify ourselves with our kinsmen in their attempt to undertake development through self-help initiatives using limited resources. In order to meet the challenges before us, we must close ranks in concerted efforts to help our people realize their dream of a peaceful Gbehlay that boasts of its true heritage as a land of peace and unity; it is within that same spirit that we are appealing to the sons and daughters of Gbehlay in the Diaspora.

    We want to personally extend our sincere thanks and profound gratitude to you all for identifying yourselves with your home land through our association by making meaningful contribution to whatever little initiative we are undertaking as a community in foreign land. Our association’s primary objective is to make a difference in the lives of our people. Our organization was formed to promote self-help initiatives for the benefit of our district and its people. During my visit to Liberia in March to April of this year, I had the opportunity to visit our district of Gbehlay.  I was happily welcomed by cross section of our citizens.  At my meeting with our leaders, elders and citizens of Gbehlay, the people requested our help for the     following three very important needs. They will be very grateful if we can make these three requests possible;

1.  Sufficient Chairs and desks for the students of our school;

2.  Off counter medications and Medical equipment for the health center, and

3.  A city hall to be built to serve as a meeting place for important occasions and other activities.

Since we took over the leadership of this organization some two years and few months ago, we have tried to do our best with the meager resources you made available to us. In this regard, we are pleased to report our achievements to date:

1.  Creating a unified atmosphere in the GDA;

2.  Developed a modern state of the art website;

3.  Improving the line of communication between us and the officials in Liberia;

4.  Developed a blue print of a modern state of the art City Hall;

5.  Developed blue print of a modern Guest House;

6.  Secured EIN number for our 501 (c ) 3;

7.  Open an account in the name of GDA that is accessible to members;

8.  Revised  the GDA By-Law and Constitution;

9.  Created GDA letterhead and the Logo/stationaries of the association, and

10. Created GDA National Membership Roster.

With the above achievements, we can do more if we work together and make Gbehlay second to none in Nimba county, yea the Republic of Liberia.

Going forward, we want to challenge you to redouble your efforts to complete on-going     projects as well as engaging into new ones that have the potential of touching the lives of our people. Such projects include: making scholarships available to deserving students, provision of medication, medical and educational supplies to medical and learning institutions in the District.  

Finally, we wish to thank our guest of honor, Madam Evelyn Gweh, the City Mayor of     Karnplay City for gracing our occasion. Madam Mayor our message to our people back home through you is that the citizens of Gbehlay residing in the United States are doing well and all is well with us.

 To all invited guests and supporters, we want to say a big thank you for supporting the cause of Gbehlay Development Association.

God bless Gbehlay, Nimba county, Liberia and the United States of America.

Thank you


The President's Message during the 2013
Annual Convention in Philadelphia

   Mr. Guest Speaker

   The Officers and Members of GDA

   Visiting Friends

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    It is an honor to be your leader and servant of this great organization entrusted to us by you  the  members who are the major stakeholders of our noble organization, GDA, dedicated to the fulfillment of our founding principles and ideals conceived in the notion of contributing to the socio-economic development of Gbehlay County District in Nimba County, Liberia.


 Foumba Toure, the President and Anthony Poden

Talking with her executive officers to make fund
available for development projects in Gbehlay

Rebecca Yakpasuo, Foumba Toure and the President presenting financial report

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Rebecca Yakpasuo, Foumba Toure, the President and Anthony Poden, Mawah 

Biography of the President