Uniting and Reconciling for Self Help and Community Development
                                                                             By  Daniel B Mahn
                                                                             JULY 11,  2015  

Gbehlay Development Association

Keynote Speeches

We want to start a traditon that will surely pay some dividend in due time.We want to post every year, the keynote speech that is delivered during our Annual Convention.  The organization has not been in existance for a long time.  We have had three major speakers.  We cannot emphasize enough the importance of preserving these speeches.  These speeches have been very informative, detailed and educational.  By preserving them, we will continue to draw strength and insights from them.  When it comes time for planning and mapping out road map for the following year, it is wise to turn to these speeches and reflect on what our speakers have told us.  We can use some of their directives and instruction in structuring where we go from here and what we do to enhance our work.  To this end, we have gathered the sources of the three speeches. Two of them
can only be accessed by linking. Our members or viewers can click on the name of each speaker and go directly to his page and access the speech.

Mr. Garry Gehyigon, (2005) 

Preserving Our Annual Keynote Speeches in our Archieve.