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Our vision is to transform Gbehlay County district into a place where all citizens are enlightened through the use of modern educational and health facilities in a democratic environment with access to advanced technologies connecting them to the rest of Nimba County, Liberia and the world.

Gbehlay Development Association

Motivated by a desire to unite the people of Gbehlay District, Nimba County, who reside in the U.S. to assist in thedistrict’srecovery following thedevastating civil war in Liberia, some citizens of the district met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and founded the Gbehlay Development Association on March 1, 2003. At its origin, the organization was led by those who proposed the founding idea and provided personal resources to facilitate it. They included, Mr. Anthony Poden, who became its first President, Charles Y. Coleman, vice president, Siayen Dao, secretary general, and Helen Teah-Saylee, financial secretary/treasurer.

As intended since its founding, the organization has focused on building its membership and mobilizing resources to contribute to rebuilding the lives of the residents of the district in Liberia. Having started with a few dedicated members in 2003, the organization has grown to over 146 members in 2012.  In addition, its financial assets have grown from less than $278.00 to more than $3,000.00 in 2012. Consistent with its mission in 2011, the organization provided approximately $470.00 for the purchase of furniture for 
the public school in Behplay, amajor town in the district. The organization has also provided financial resources to assist its members during periods of family crises, graduation, bereavement and other ceremonies. In addition, the organization hosted thelate Honorable Martin Farngalo.

The current leadership of the organization, headed by Helen Teah-Saylee is committed to building the organization through promoting transparency, expanding membership and strengthening the relationship between people in the district and those in the organization. Our efforts are directed at providing humanitarian support for developmental projects through this non-profit and non-political organization.  May God bless the resolves of our effort as we strive to better mankind and develop our district. We commit our efforts in the hands of the Lord.


The Gbehlay Development Association is a not for profit organization established for uniting the people of the district in order to work for its development through promoting education, health, civic engagement and other self-help projects.

A Brief History of Gbehlay Development Association in the United States of America


Our Motto: Gbeh Quado; meaning "Gbeh, we are one."