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Picture during the Honoring

Health - Healing

Let us  honor  people while they are
living.  My mother Wonseh Kuntee Karlea is over 90 years old today and well.  The family decided to honor her this month, June 28-30 2013 in Duo-Peela Town, Nimba County,Liberia, West Africa.  We do not know when she might be called home  and to honor her now and celebrate her life with friends and family will be the greatest gift for her and the family. We do not expect all of you to be there, but your prayers and little donation will go a long way and will be highly appreciated. This is not a small undertaking, but a worthy one and we need the help we get from friends and family to make this honoring a successful one.We want thank you in advance or your help and prayers.

Contact: 231-880-722284

    David Karlea

Honoring Mother 
Wonseh Kuntee-Karlea, 
90 years old from Duo-Peela Town

"Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God gives you."
(Exodus 20:12) RSV