Gbehlay Development Association

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Members of GDA assembled in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on June 8 - 10, 2018, for their annual convention. Delegates from across the continental USA such as Iowa, Georgia, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Rhode Island gathered for the historic convention.

For the first time in the history of GDA, an invited guest from Gbehlay came to grace the occasion.  The guest is Mr. Joseph Karn, Principal of Karn High School.  Other dignitaries from UNICCO were present to grace the occasion as well. There were Hon. Nya Dokie, President of UNICCO and Hon. Dahn K. Dennis, President-elect of UNICCO. The spirit of unity was high among the delegates. Our visiting guest, Mr. Karn used the occasion to update members of GDA with progress and issues at Karn High.  In that connection, he appealed to GDA for instructional materials.

During this unique occasion, one our distinguished citizens of Gbehlay who has from time to time demonstrated his love for the organization, Elder Doakai Mongrue, was recognized and honored. 

For his part, Hon. Nya Dokie, who is known for his generosity, presented assorted gifts to our invited guest which include shirts, pants, business suits, and shoes. Mr. Dokie also used the occasion and contributed $150.00 to GDA on behalf of UNICCO.  Also, Mr. Dahn K. Dennis who performed the crowning of the GDA Queen, used the occasion to conduct a quick rally to seat the Queen in her chair. He raised $1,350.00. Mr. Dahn was thankful to GDA members for their willingness to help their district.  The Pennsylvania chapter President, Mr. Nixon Zor also thanked the officers and members of GDA for their tireless effort to help their people back home.  He pledged the amount of $25.00 as his  contribution to GDA.

The Chairman of the GDA Board of Directors, Mr. Sam Wogbeh, thanked GDA members for their hard work and dedication to GDA and admonished them to work together in unity and respect for each other.  He added that in unity and respect, we can make a difference in the lives of our people.

The President of GDA, Mr. Siayen Dao, thanked the delegation for their participation and contributions to GDA.  He called on all citizens of Gbehlay to identify with GDA and to support its objectives.

GDA Convention 2018