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When there are bad times like death, sickness and other misfortunes, let us know so that the community can rally behind you; support and comfort you.In case of death, we want to fix a memorial page like we did for Isaac T. Dahn when he died.

We want to share with you in times of difficulties also. Please continue  to check our site for news and events.  In the main time, we expect you to help us with news and other information from home and form where you live.

On this website page we call Celebrate Life Cycle, we will emphasize at least five of the many events of our lives.

Birth - Sunrise
Education - Graduation
Health - Healing
Jobs – Achievement or Accomplishment and Promotion
Marriage – Family

Passing on – Death or Sunset

In each of these areas, we have devoted at least a page. 
Since our website is designed for us to share information with one another, let us know about the good times in your life so we can celebrate with you.  

Let us know when you are getting married, we will announce your wedding date just as we announced Bobby’s and Natasha’s shower and wedding dates.  

Let us know when you or your children are graduating from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, college, technical and vocational school, graduate school   and
post graduate school.  We want tocelebrate with you and announce your graduation just as we did for Emmanuel Monluo when he graduated. 

Let us know also when you are having a newborn baby, we want to celebrate with you and welcome the child into our community. 

Let us know about your promotion on the job or any kind of achievements in your life.

Celebrate Life Cycle