Gbehlay Development Association

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We wish to encourage all GDA Members and the entire public to donate to our Constitution Project. Only $20.00 donation per copy of the book will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

Let there be love, joy, justice, peace and harmony amongst us.


We, the people of Gbehlay County District residing in the Diaspora having recognized the need to create an environment in which to conduct intelligent examinations and discussions of issues relating to our welfare in the Diaspora and in Liberia;

to asssociate among ourselves and to improve economic and educational opportunities for citizens of Gbehlay in the Diaspora and in Liberia;

having also migrated to the  United States of America and other parts of the world in pursuit of better educational and economic opportunities, do hereby form this non-profit and non-political organization to promote self-help initiatives for the benefit of our district and its people;

do hereby declare these By-laws and Constitution as a governing document of the Association.

This booklet is 36 pages including three pages of Table of Contents covering all subjects in the book.  This Table of Contents is as good as an Index.

Our Book of  By-Laws and Constitution attempts to accomplish two goals. First,it is our set of guidelines and laws that will help us govern the Association in an orderly manner.  With this document, we will all abide by it and run our Asociation smoothly because we are all expected to read it over
and over again and be familiar with the content.

Secondly, we want to use our Book of By-Laws and Constitution as a source of fundraising.  We expect every member of the Association to get at least one copy for only $20.00 donation.  The Association needs the money.  We also see this as a very good way to spend our money because we are donating to a very
important document produced by our own Association for the use of our Association.  The money gained from this effort will help us with our Gbehlay projects.

1. The construction of a modern Health Center
2. The construction of a state of the art Youth Center
3. Furniture, desks, tables, and chairs for our school

Only $20.00 donation per book

By-Laws and Constitution