Sunday Sandi, Member

Amelia Segrain, Member

 Jacob Diama, Web Master

Emmanuel Kamara, Program Chairman

Doaker Mongrue, Senior Advisor

 Some of the People that 
     Attended the GDA Convention

Arthur Lyon, General Secretary

  • Anual Convention- Track 024:13

Evelyn Saah

Sam  Wogbeh National Advisor

Elton Mendee, Member

Yawah Deemi, Member

Anthony Poden, Executive Political Advisor

Sam Coleman, Member

Esther Lakpor, Member

Beatrice Yeiah, Member

Gbehlay Development Association

Peter Lakpor, Member

Steven Sei Davis

Foumba Touré, Vice President

Esther Poden,  Member

Ben Cooper, Executive Advisor

Honorable Evelyn Gweh, Mayor or Karnplay

The City Mayor of Karnplay came here to be with her people in the USA for just a little while.  The trip was designed to make  the initial contact and to open the doors of communication between the district and the Gbehlay citizens residing in the USA.  The Mayor was welcomed warmly with open hands and open hearts. At the convention, GDA celebrated her and honored her. That is what organizations ought to be about.  The Mayor also brought good news and warm greetings to her people.  She assured GDA that major developmental projects are taking place in her district. She solicitated cooperation and a good working relationship between the Gbehlay peoples on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Both parties agreed on mutual partnership and promised to work together for the development of the Gbehlay District.

Mr.  Stephen Yeiah

Bobby Sandi, Member

Konah Karden

Rebecca Yakpasuo, Financial Secretary

Mawah Sandi, Member

Mawah Sandi, Member

Annual Convention 2013

Chris Diama, Member


Mom Yungar Poden 

Mrs. Helen Teah-Saylee
National President of GDA

(Gbehlay Development Association)

Charles Coleman, Member

James Paye, Member

Beatrice Tuazama

G.   Nagbae Saylee, Member